Cryptainer Review

Military Grade Security

Submitted by jdubs015 on Thu, 2009-05-07 04:49.
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The lowest price: 40.5$
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Very secure, straight forward, easy to access files, nice e-mail feature.
Somewhat confusing for first time use, expensive.

Although it may be somewhat confusing for less computer savvy users, chances are that those who are seriously considering purchasing Cryptainer PE will be able to navigate easily around the program. The interface is very business-like, and likely appeals more to corporate consumers instead of casual at-home users.

A nice use for Cryptainer PE is for downloaded music archives/ downloaded movies. Sensitive files like those can be incorporated well with Cryptainer PE and accessed easily for immediate playback. Nearly all movie files will be too large for the trial version so the full version is necessary for this function.

Security in Cryptainer PE is nearly unbreakable, as it uses 448-bit encryption. The multitude of encryption algorithms make it incredibly difficult to access, it would take a professional to crack into. The ability to hide the containers also adds another level of security.


You surely get what you pay for with Cryptainer PE- military grade security will keep everything from corporate documents to movie files safe from prying eyes.