ZoneTick World Time Clock Review

ZoneTick World Time Clock

Submitted by why3why on Thu, 2009-05-07 17:58.
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By hovering with your mouse over the system clock, it provides quick access to different preset clocks and/or time zones.
Many of the listed functionalities (i.e. calendar, time converter, setting alarms, simultaneous display of several clocks in taskbar) aren’t available.

Software was tested on Windows XP Pro Service Pack 3 with .NET CLR 3.5.30729

As for this specific version, there’s no simultaneous display of several clocks in the taskbar. Only one clock is visible. You need the full version for that feature to work.

Also, there’s no such thing as the ability to hide the clocks in your system tray in a menu because none of the other clocks are visible in the system tray; only one clock is visible.

Depending on your choice of time server, accurate, online, time synchronization is possible. Except for, all the time servers (in the drop-downMenu) are listed on as either a NTP Pool-, a Primary-, a Secondary- or an Inactive server. According to a Google search, is still alive but not running NTP anymore... ?

You cannot set alarms with this specific version of ZoneTick; you need to upgrade in order for the alarms feature to work. The program’s illogical in that it let’s you set alarms (i.e. all the necessary Buttons, editBoxes, drop-downMenus, checkBoxes, radioButtons etc. are enabled), but they won’t go off.

Both the calendar and the time converter features aren’t available in this version. The program is, once again, illogical in that you can change the settings for how your calendar ought to display (i.e. which day’s the first day of the week, where to start the calendar, and how many months should be displayed simultaneously), but you can’t access the calendar itself. Its link is disabled.

By adding a new clock, the new clock automatically becomes the default (i.e. visible) clock... very annoying. There are no visible cues, instructions or affordances as to how you’re supposed to assign a certain clock as the default clock. In order to do this, you have to ensure (by dragging it) that the preferred clock is at the bottom of the clock list (within the Preferences Window).

ZoneTick’s skins ain’t 100% Winamp-compatible. As for the free version of Winamp (v. 5.531), the digital skins of ZoneTick resulted in the Title Bar of Winamp’s Main Window losing its menu options (i.e. the File-, Play-, Options-, View-, Help menus). Reverting to Winamp skins resolved this problem.

There are many glitches/inconsistencies regarding the re-use of ZoneTick’s timers. Not enough space to describe this particular problem. E-mail me at [email protected] for a detailed description.


After I’ve set the display features of the calendar (which, in itself, is inaccessible in this version), ZoneTick started to crash repeatedly. This is a poor application. I uninstalled it.