Dropheads Review

Nice idea, nice smileys - strong problems with 16:9

Submitted by Thragor on Thu, 2009-05-07 23:50.
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The lowest price: 16.95$
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Good gameplay. Interesting concept. Easy usage, good step-by-step tutorial.
Music misses variety. Serious problems with 16:9 screen resolution. Bad behavior after trial perioud end.

The first positive impression (compared to another game I just tried to install): Dropheads installs on Windows Vista without problems and Kaspersky Antivirus does not complain (also had problems with another software here).

The icon on the desktop looks bad. It looks like a 16x16 icon scaled to 48x48. After a double click it takes a long time until Dropheads is running. The window pops up - closes again. You can only find it in the taskbar. I had to click several times before the game opens fullscreen.

Think the problem is because of my 16:9 screen (1680x945 pixels). This bug hunted me through all the game play: When I opened the help this got opened in a browser - leaving fullscreen mode. The game screen afterwards was so corrupted, that I could not continue playing and had to restart the game.

The music is boring and does not offer much variety. At least it is quite unobtrusive.

After the game has started you have to register... provide your email so that you can retrieve news about Dropheads. You have to choose a nickname for submitting highscores. Special characters like umlauts are not allowed in the nickname.

To start a game you can choose between Arcade and Strategic. I only tested Strategic. It gives you any time you want for each decision. The Dropheads only drop if you are not able to put 4 heads together with the next move. This game play feels great.

While playing you always get help for new items and how to use them. This is good and guarantees that you don't need to read tons of documentation. "Learning by doing" - a good and simple principle which is shown here at its best.

The trial period are 60 minutes. Afterwards there is a confusing series of "Buy"/"Play trial" screens... once you can "Trial" but if it comes to game play you only have the option "Pay"... than back again to "Play trial". Actually the result is: After 60 minutes nothing is possible anymore. I think the test of the software would be better, if you can play one round for 60 minutes and have to restart after 60 minutes. This is annoying as you never might reach the end but gives you more time to evaluate.


The given price is too high for this. The game is nice and I think for some time it is entertaining. But I believe that sooner or later the game will be boring.