Registry First Aid Review

Quality Registry Scan and Not Much Else

Submitted by snoogans775 on Sat, 2009-05-09 10:35.
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Very detailed registry scan which detects many dfferent types of errors. Automatically creates a registry backup before scanning. simple interface and a clear help document.
Lack of useful utilities. Awkward GUI. Defragment utility can interrupt windows momentarily. Slower than most registry scans.

Registry First Aid has a very meticulous registry scan which was capable of detecting a wide range of errors. The details of each error are displayed individually, which makes it very easy to check the validity of the errors. This program can detect many errors which may not come up in other registry scanners, but it does so at a very slow pace. It is initially configured to make an automatic backup of the registry, so the process of scanning the registry to safely removing errors takes about five mouse clicks. The GUI is simple and clear, but it is a bit awkward in the home screen, with unnecessary scrollbars while in a window.

The program also contains a registry defragmenter, which caused Windows to freeze for about 10 seconds when initialized. The Defragmenter is pretty standard fare, and is not much more powerful than most free programs.


The Scanner itself is an excellently made utility, but the lack of features makes this scanner a mediocre product.