AusLogics BoostSpeed Review

SpeedBoost 4 Performed Flawlessly

Submitted by RanMan on Fri, 2009-05-15 17:34.
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The lowest price: 22.45$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
GUI is clean, intuitive and very professional. Program is loaded with many features and tools that truly make it an all-in-one performance enhancement tool that does achieve significant performance improvements. I am truly impressed with this software.
There doesn’t appear to be a way to purchase a multi-system license after examining the Auslogics website, so for a household like mine that contains multiple PCs it could get quite expensive.

I am truly impressed with this software program because it improved so many different areas. Boot speed, explorer navigation; file transfer and internet speed. Twenty different cleanup, tweaks, system information and GUI adjustments to improve the speed of a well maintained PC. Lesser maintained systems might expect even more performance gains.

I have tested dozens of programs that claim to improve performance and have had good and bad experiences, but I am truly impressed with BoostSpeed 4. The program combines cleanup routines, system tweaks and performance tweaks that significantly improved the performance of my laptop. The built in ability to restore (Rescue Center) any modifications made during the tune up process instill confidence in the user to act upon personal knowledge/judgment and the suggestions provided by the software program authors. Including the ability to Google some items if the user is not completely familiar with modification results/risks or not fully understood program definitions.

Toolbars, tooltips, system information, concise reports in html format and well defined methods of acquiring explanation, definition and the overall impact of cleanup routines and system tweaks are abundant and easily attained. This program can be used by novice and expert users to optimize and
properly maintain their windows based PC. The “One-Button Checkup” routine is extremely useful and performed flawlessly. After completing the One-Button Checkup the user is provided a strong
foundation to continue the optimization tasks by further tweaking the system to attain maximum performance. Meaning, now that all maintenance related performance reducing issues have been resolved, the fine tuning may begin to further increase system performance.

It was also refreshing to experience the Registry Defrag function reporting that defrag would not significantly increase performance and was not needed at the time, versus other programs I have used that performed the task even though less than a 1% performance increase would be achieved. What the heck, a little honesty to avoid an unrealistic user expectation, well done.


The purchase price of $29.95 USD is a bargain given the quantity of valuable maintenance and performance tools/utilities available that actually positively contribute to increased performance, but I believe a multiple PC license would make the product more attractive to non-business users with multiple PCs. Today it is very common to have multiple PCs in a single household and providing multi-license discounts is just good business practice to reduce the cost of single household users and increase customer loyalty. I would buy this software program if multiple PC licensing can be attained. If I was a single PC owner I would definitely buy this program as the single license purchase price is justified. If I am mistaken about multiple license availability, this is good news!