RipEditBurn Review

3 tools in one box

Submitted by yaroslav on Mon, 2009-05-18 02:24.
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simple, easy, and just unprofessional
the program was created to provide you the best sound to the best budget

Providing simple features, that's what we mostly need from any program could be found, doesn't matter if it is a professional or not, anyway we want the program to do it's best to make us satisfied as much as it could happen.
This is what RipEditBurn does. What can a 5 megabyte program do? That question you'd probably ask yourself after you're installed RipEditBurn. And the answer is just simple. It Rips, edit,s and of course Burns! That's what you definately want from a program named RipEditBurn.
Friendly interface and most common formats like wav and mp3, wma support are included.You can simply rip music from copy protected or not CD's, you can edit it if you don't like it or if you want to add some extra sound effects like echo you can edit music after you record it. You can simply burn it on a CD.
You don't need to be a proffessional audio editor. Just simply cut, copy and paste, cut out and mix different files or parts of them together. Save it to mp3 or wav file and store files on CD's or your hard drive.


if you're not a professional audio editor and what you want is simply to rip, edit and burn than go ahead and buy it!!!!