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Submitted by softReview on Mon, 2009-05-18 22:20.
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many features, easy to use, great help and documentation.
expensive, many features that may or may not be used, poor text processing capabilities.

Automation Anywhere helps you automate complex tasks, whether you are a system administrator, Internet marketer, or a scientist, Automation Anywhere is your solution for automating routine and bothering tasks.

You can record your actions using the record button, the software will capture you mouse movements and clicks and log your keyboard presses, this method is unreliable because it depends on mouse movements, but you can make it a little bit reliable by enabling the "Moved Icons/Menus" option, I recorded a task in which I opened a browser using a desktop icon, after enabling this option and deleting the icon Automation Anywhere was able to detect the icon deletion and opened the browser anyway .... pretty amazing.

The Task Editor using many "mini wizards" helped me to tab my database, read a record, create an html file, upload it to my website, and send the new page link to my email. This software does what it says, you can use it without programming experience, though basic knowledge of programming language concepts such as variables and conditional branching can really help you utilize the software to the maximum.

Other features that I like are workflow manager (you can create more lengthy and complex tasks by using previous saved tasks and joining them in a flowchart), image comparison, OCR (extracting text from images and messageboxes), and excel support.

One feature that I found it particularly useful is the Web Recorder. You can open a web page and extract certain information from it only by highlighting the wanted text, you can create your own "tailored RSS feed" from websites that doesn’t even support RSS; imagine reading stocks or your website popularity rankings automatically, but be aware, this method can easily be disturbed by a change of the web design.

Finally the embedded help and the written examples in the documentation made the software use very easy to me.


This software is very professional and full of features, yet friendly and easy to use, not every feature is reliable but with the use of Task Editor and error handling you can ensure the maximum reliability. Automation Anywhere is very expensive (and worth every dime) but for most home or small office uses your are better with a less sophisticated and cheaper software.