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Submitted by why3why on Tue, 2009-05-19 12:18.
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Installs as a print driver. Allows you to print from your applications exactly as you’d print to other standard printers.
Some features (i.e. certain compression options, auto zoom, batch printing, resolution & scaling etc.) don’t work. In short: glitches galore.

Tested on Windows XP Pro Service Pack 3 with .NET CLR 3.5.30729

Resolution: Different types of images (GIF, JPEG, BMP, PNG) was printed 3 times each. Nothing, except resolution, was changed (72dpi, 600dpi & 2400dpi respectively). Comparing sizes (KB) of the 3 prints (of any particular file), revealed no difference. JPEG resulted in slight difference. Its lowest resolution (i.e. 72 dpi) resulted in the GREATEST file size.

Scale: Printing from Picture & Fax Viewer, 50% scale made NO difference. 200% scale caused image’s dimensions being HALF of its original size. Irrespective of scale setting, printing from Paint made NO difference.

Auto detection of orientation does NOT work. Orientation will be equal to the last print job’s settings.

Compression: checkBoxes (for Color/Grayscale- & Monochrome images) are ALWAYS checked. I.e.: Uncheck them, click OK, then (before printing) go back & see if settings are still set. Finding: They’ve been RESET to checked option.

Auto Zoom Images: Resulted in blurish images of SAME SIZE.

Mailto & URLs: Supported ONLY if they’re in pure form (i.e. [email protected] or http://www.domain.com). Links displayed by means of other text (i.e. ordinary text that’s actually a link) do NOT work.

BATCH PRINT means: print MORE THAN ONE file in a SINGLE print job. PDFCamp confuses batch print with merge. It allows selection of output folder, but NOT selection of “multiple” files. Can only print ONE file at a time.

Merge: Supported ONLY if filename (of file to be merged) MATCHES the name of an existing file. Can’t append new file to one with a different name.

Printing a letter-sized file as A5 sized PDF works. By RE-printing it as letter-sized PDF, the PDF ends up with half of its text off the page. Try again & it works. Printing letter-sized file as A3 sized PDF works. By RE-printing it as letter-sized PDF, the PDF ends up with all of its text on left side of page. Try again & it works. The scenario was tested on different page sizes. Conclusion: Printing a PDF that’s equal to original page’s size (right after printing one that’s smaller than original) always results in half the text being off the page. Printing one of same page size (right after printing one that’s bigger), will result in entire PDF’s text being on left side of page.

Doesn’t support “Fast web view”. Files that have been decrypted and saved with Adobe Acrobat Pro, will support it.


An acceptable application for those who simply want to convert different types of documents to PDF format. An unacceptable application if you’re interested in the finer details of printed documents.