Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker Review

Works great but takes some experimenting...

Submitted by swoosha237 on Thu, 2009-05-21 07:03.
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The lowest price: 19.75$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
Works w/ various brands of label refills, valuable printing options, easy to use your own pictures
Pictures must have high enough resolution, may take multiple tries to print in desired location on labels, no refresh for recent downloads

The software is pretty cheap but can create amazing results if you are good with Photoshop CS4. I have used the combination of the two to create some pretty good dvd cover artwork that looks great. Although the cost is pretty low, I probably could have figured out how to print onto the labels right from Photoshop. However, this was very easy because there was already a setting for the Memorex CD label refills I had bought.

The printer calibration helped some but I still had a couple of bad prints before I got the artwork lined up perfectly on the dvd label. I found it easier to stretch the entire printing area by about 4mm so that the artwork would look good. (Your design should still look good even if a few mm get cut off around the edges.) This can be troublesome if you have text positioned near the borders as it may be cut off!

You really do need a label applicator if you are printing circular cd or dvd covers. I use CD STOMPER and it works great.

The software is generally very user friendly and easy to use. However, when downloading photos from the internet, they would not show up in Acoustica if I already had the program running. I found the quickest way to get around this was to simply close out of the program and open it again and the pictures I recently downloaded would be there. (There is probably a way to get recently downloaded photos to open, but I was too impatient. A simple refresh button would have been great!)


Overall this is good software that does exactly what its supposed to do. I have made dozens of cd/dvd covers that look great with little wasted paper. It takes some time to set up with the printer but its worth it!