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the answer to the bored prince's prayer

Submitted by chika on Thu, 2009-05-21 13:08.
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The lowest price: 35.96$
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definitely easy to use, records my favorite station, installation is very simple... allow me to record songs while listening.. COOL..!!
designs are not so eye-catching, i have problems with connecting to some stations.some radio stations are not available.

For a person like me who surfs the net half of my life each day, this one surely takes away the stress...

I like buying and downloading stuffs like this, but this one is surely one hell of a streamer...

No sweat on installation, I don't have hard time using it... instructions are easy to understand.

What i love the most is that they have lots of music listed and radio stations although sometimes it's hard to stay connected..

Overall performance is 4 out of 5.. Of course, nothing's perfect, but this one's near perfect..

Worth My Money... :)


Audio Streamer blows away the boredom of Bum's like me... Music is my life, audio Streamer makes my life lively... and most of all, it's worth the money! Try this one Dude...