Registry Mechanic Review

for clean compact registry

Submitted by noobiont on Thu, 2006-11-09 17:58.
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smaller compact registry and easy to make it that way.
nothing at all

Registry mechanic is a 100 percent safe tool to clean your Windows environment. It should be the first resort to most windows problems. After installation and un-installation of buggy applications there will be a lot of clutter in the windows registry which XP cannot take care of. Also on the long run clutter can increase like missing or invalid registry entries, orphaned references and so on.

Registry mechanic compacts the registry by removing unwanted entries and thereby increasing the performance of your windows. The scan is speedy and can go deep.

It is very safe to clean the problems that are detected automatically and not individually. Registry mechanic also makes backups of registry before fixing it. So the changes made are reversible.

Registry mechanic provides easy to use interface which not only looks cool but also slick.
Moreover it takes very low space for installation and does not take up the resources of your computer like other one stop clutter minimizing applications.


essential for a windows XP PC