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helps me keeping something special... :)

Submitted by chika on Fri, 2009-05-22 11:34.
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The lowest price: 26.99$
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backs up photos in pc's....can send lots of type of photos, saves me from spelling and grammar embarrassment, very fast just like "sonic underground", and ohhhh how could i forget the very very very artistic designs included...
The name defines itself "SendPhotos Gold", kind of expensive.

The first thing the came into my mind when I first discover this SendPhotos Gold was "this one's DEFINITELY MY SAVIOR!!!!!"

I was looking for important pictures over my pc when my mom told me that my little cousin had it all deleted. Suddenly, I felt like I'm going to burst right then and there just to get the hell out of me. Then I realized that I had those pictures saved on the web through the help of SendPhotos Gold two months ago. When I checked the web myself, OLA! I found the pictures. If it wasn't because of this software, I'm a dead meat now. Those pictures are used in my research documentation. I still couldn't forget the joy I felt when i had the pictures saved.

Thanks for my friend "SendPhotos Gold"

I'm a photo editor so this one helps me edit photos, select uniqu designs just like the photoshop, only that this thing works faster than any other photoshops.
My boyfriend and I are having a long distance relationship and we send lots of photos to each other almost every week (photo addicts.. LOL). This helps us get connected in such a way.
I'm not so photogenic and that's bad for me.... So every time i took pictures of myself, I love getting help from this software. "SendPhotos Gold makes me beautiful".. LOVE IT!!!!

I don't know if this has an upgraded one, but if there is, I would like to have it...


If you want to keep something special to you, make sure to keep it in a very special way... SendPhotos Gold is definitely the best way to store and save photos in the web without worrying that it might get deleted or destroyed by others.