Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker Review

Is this a label or headache maker...?

Submitted by clickhere33 on Sat, 2009-05-23 23:31.
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The lowest price: 19.75$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
Does what its advertised to do make CD labels...thats always a plus.
Pricy for what you get..doesn't let you you preview before printing...and isn't the easiest to use

Ok. This is a label maker for CD's and/or DVD's(if you want). I like how this is a new product in a world that has changed from CD players to MP3 players. I mean label makers have been around for awhile so I was interested in what made this product different. I came to the conclusion that there wasn't really anything that special that set this product away from the rest. To me this is just another product over advertised to make the company quick money. Here are some things to consider before spending your hard earned money.

First of all let me repeat myself when I say this isn't a new idea or for that matter a new technology. Therefore I don't think you should pay top dollar for this product when there is others out there that do the same thing with more features and are easier to use. I mean this doesn't even come with an effective way to apply the label to the CD once you finally get the label the way you want it. You have to rely on your hand eye coordination to put the label on the CD correctly. This also leaves the chance open for not getting an air pocket free seal on the CD itself, which can in some cases ruin your CD player and also looks tacky. On the other hand this product does offer you with maybe one of the clearest pictures you can put onto a CD label. In some respects it almost looks professional. However, not knowing what your gunna get when you print the label makes this product very frustrating. I would not recommend this product when there is others out there easier to use and better ways of applying the label to the CD.

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I would not recommend this product. Its not worth the money with other similar products out there that do a better job without the headache. Thanks for reading!