Mad Caps Review

I love the Cute stuff!

Submitted by chika on Sun, 2009-05-24 13:39.
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The lowest price: 17.99$
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lively and colorful, cute stuffs on the game screen, cute soundtrack...
absence of uniqueness, boring and made me dizzy after one hour of playing...

I was not actually interested on downloading this game but the cute and colorful Mad caps caught my attention, so I downloaded it.

This game doesn't really sound like "it breaks legs". It is more like "so basic"... The story behind this game is just like other stories of the same puzzle games. But at least, Mad caps has eye-catching visual effects, Lively, and kids-friendly. The uniqueness has been used by other games before.

Another thing is that it's not challenging, although I got hook for a little while, and that's a good thing...

There is also no variety of game play in each levels. It's very simple. It would have been better if this game is a little bit cheaper...

Over all review is 3 out of 5...

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It's a nice game, but it is kind of predictable. And, the caps used are awesome... CUTE!!!