SuperBot Review

Is it really "Super"??

Submitted by Herman Simbolon on Tue, 2009-05-26 08:51.
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The lowest price: 44.05$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
1. "Relative" small size 2. Easy and quick installation 3. Unique look
1. The download feature is hopeless 2. Need more development, especially in the error report 3. The price is to high (or perhaps "priceless"??)

At first, I really expected that this product would replace my current website downloader, which in my opinion have several flaws. But then, after I installed and run this program, it can never match my current website downloader in every way!

Well okay this product has a "relative" small size, easy and quick to install, and unique look (though the robot pic looks very ridiculous). But what's all that compare to the functionality??

After I install, I tried to download one entire website, and it doesn't work!! I thought, perhaps, it is me who made a wrong setting?! But after I read the guidance, it is not!! My second thought, maybe, it is the website that has some restriction. So I tried second website. My second attempt shows a "relieve" progress. There are green tick, that shows the download process works. Not long after (it really fast indeed!!) the process completed! Wow, I must say ..... At the speed of light, I tried to open the website that I've downloaded with this Superbot. Ta daaaaaa ........ It shows the homepage website!! ^_^ Buuuuttttttt ............. that's all!!! I tried to click any link, but it doesnt work at all!! It just show you the homepage, that's it!!

To be fair, I tried to download those 2 websites using my current website downloader, and it really work!! The first website, which the Superbot can't do, could be downloaded approx 20% of the entire website (I tried to click the link inside, and I can reach about 2 level below the homepage). And with the second website, I could download approx 50% of the entire website!!

So, is it me or is this product doesn't really super at all??


Not super at all!