Advanced WMA Workshop Review

Almost Perfect

Submitted by jacobingalls on Thu, 2006-11-09 23:34.
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Very fast and very easy to use
Does not support Apple lossless or .m4a

The Advanced WMA Workshop is a near perfect utility to convert audio files from one format to another. Advanced WMA Workshop has a very simple and easy to use interface that makes it an incredibly easy to understand product without ever opening the manual.

The Advanced WMA Workshop did many things correct; it allows you keep and add to all the file tagging easily. Advanced WMA Workshop also makes it very easy to convert a large number of files simultaneously. The speed of conversation is incredibly quick and is much faster than converting with iTunes.

The biggest draw back from this piece of software is it does not support the apple lossless or the .m4a audio formats. This was a major misstep for this piece of software due to the number of people who are using iTunes to control their music. If Advanced WMA Workshop did support the Apple music formats it would be the ideal piece of software for sound file conversion.


A great piece of software that has only limited drawbacks. If you do not use iTunes then this software is ideal.