DOC Regenerator Review

Value for Money? Not really...

Submitted by gaganagrawal on Wed, 2009-05-27 15:52.
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The lowest price: 44.96$
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User friendly, customizable
Slow, recovers only one file format, expensive

I decided to try and run this software to recover data on a 300GB hard disk which I had recently formatted by mistake. I thus downloaded the trial version and ran it on the disk.

Entire activities of the software are divided into four parts: Scanning, Analyzing, Preview and Save to Disk. With the trial version on can perform first three activities but it does not allow recovered docs to be saved.

To its credit, DOC Regenerator clearly showed the time it is going to take to scan 300GB, which was about 3 hours 40 minutes. To its credit, it did take all of that time, not more or less, as most other softwares do. In all, it recovered about 6000 fragments of files that could be recovered, which was more than I had expected. However, It took another 1 hour 20 mins to analyze the disk, and only then was I able to preview the docs recovered.

Doc Regenerator allows the user to view each file recovered and select the ones which s/he wants recovered. It also allows user to specify a directory into which these files can be saved, thus saving a lot of hassle for novice users post recovery.

However, I felt the time it took was quite high, considering that it recovered only one file format. At around $44, other softwares are available which can recover multiple file formats


Can be avoided unless user wants to recover only one file format