Registry First Aid Review

Not really for novice users...

Submitted by gaganagrawal on Thu, 2009-05-28 02:40.
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Simple interface, comprehensive functionality
Might change registry entry for external hard disk, thus rendering data inaccessible

I consider myself a novice user in the sense I do not understand too much of technical details. I have a 1.4 Ghz Celeron processor laptop with WIN XP SP3, to which I keep a 1 TB external hard disk connected as most of my data resides on this hard disk.

I downloaded and ran the trial version of Registry First Aid. The interface seemed simple enough, with the help box opening up besides the software GUI with instructions on how to run the software. But as soon as I ran the registry scan, system restore came up for some unexplained reason. I cancelled system restore and let First Aid do its stuff.

It showed a long list of registry entries, with correct entries highlighted with green and those with error highlighted separately. Simple enough I thought. The software informed me that the trial version would correct upto 17 registry errors and I thus allowed it to take care of those 17 errors. Big Mistake!!

Next thing I know, my comp stops detecting data on my external hard disk. Browsing the disk through my computer does not through up any data either, though memory of the hard disk is still occupied.

I then had to run system restore to correct the error and to gain access to my data.

A scary experience overall.


Novice and entry level users should not try this, esp if they are using external hard disk drives.