DOC Regenerator Review

Nice Tool, now how do I uninstall?

Submitted by bradoraw on Fri, 2009-06-05 07:34.
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The lowest price: 44.96$
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Does the job
The minimalist interface might leave the user head scratching

This program is a must have for those late night freak outs when your 500 page thesis, written Word, decides to self destruct. DOC Regenerator will help you dry your tears and reassemble your shattered master piece.

The overall user interface is very no-nonsense. It has a rather Windows 98 feel to it, which might make sense if you are trying to recover Microsoft Word 95 documents. There are no frills on this all-businnes-no-flash application.

However, my biggest concern is: where is the uninstall file? You might be asking the same question, since soon after gathering the bits of .doc files scattered about your hard disk you will probably switch to a different word processing tool and have no further need for this program.

Price is too high for such a single use product. $20 seems more reasonable. But, maybe recovering a damaged Word file is priceless.


Good tool, no-nonsense, limited scope-- you will probably only use this once and then want to uninstall.