WinAvi Video Converter Review

WinAvi Video Converter

Submitted by Qsceszxdwa on Sun, 2009-06-07 06:14.
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Speed, Simple interface.
Crashes, options doesn't seem to work.

WinAvi video converter is a simple program to convert video files to common files such as AVI, WMV, and MPEG's to be compatible with various devices.

It also converts to VCD (Video CD) and DVD files, to be burned onto their respective media.

It also burns it for you if you wish.

I have been using this program for about a year or so, with mixed results.

On my old Windows XP SP2 computer, it would run, and it runs quite fast. For a thirty-minute video, it took about ten minutes to convert from WMV to DVD. It then saves the files, and asks if you would like to burn it. Once it burns, I tested the DVD on various players, with success on all of them.

Moving on to my newer, Windows Vista computer, i encounter problems.
The 1st main problem was that it would occasionally crash while it was converting, causing the whole progress to be aborted.
And second, the burn options dialog and the help dialog never seems to work for me, it crashes as I open them, and I am forced to burn with default settings with no instructions.

Beyond those short-comings, this is an OK program, nothing to rave about, aside from its speed.


A mediocre program, nothing to be excited about, except for its ease of use and speed, it seems to fail in the other categories, but it balances out its shortcomings enough.