Cryptainer Review

Create Encrypted Drives

Submitted by redfox09 on Fri, 2009-06-12 12:58.
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Creation of secure email attachments

Cryptainer PE enables you to create a secure container on your PC, using powerful 256/448 bit strong encryption - without changing the way you work. The software creates new virtual drive letter(s), and all files that are added to this drive are encrypted on-the-fly. You can also create a secure storage container on any media including external and removable drives (e.g. USB drives, CD etc). The drive letter is accessible through Windows Explorer just like any other drive - as long as you are logged into the Cryptainer PE interface. If the program is terminated, the files in the secure drive are no longer accessible to other users - you can access them at any time by logging in with your password. Using this method, you can automatically keep a secure area, that can only be accessed by you, without having to encrypt individual files manually - just login once. In addition, Cryptainer PE allows you to send files with encrypted email messages, using self-decrypting EXE attachments that do not require any software to be installed by the recipient.


I would definitely give the program a try if you have sensitive data on a removable USB drive. This program will put your mind at ease and protect your data in the event the drive is lost or stolen.