Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker Review

Decent Program for Creative Minds

Submitted by Fizzbit on Sat, 2009-06-13 13:13.
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The lowest price: 19.75$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
Easy instructions, nice templates, friendly layout
Price, no applicator, alignment can be a pain

Making your own CD Labels is fun. It allows for your own streak of creativity to take off and turn a boring blank CD into a work of art. Better still, it's easier to type a tracklist onto a CD than to write it all out with a sharpie.

The tools used are fairly simple but take some getting used to. Like any new program, I always recommend reading the instructions before and during experimentation. The pre-made templates for holidays and special occasions are nice for a quick job that only requires text, but make sure you have a few hours to spare if you're going to sit down and create an entire label from scratch.

Alignment was my biggest problem, as well as image size. If you do not have an image with a nice (read: HIGH) resolution, then your image will show up grainy on your label. Not attractive!

Make sure you print off a few examples, too. Sometimes the alignment will not turn out right or your text will end up too close to the center of the disc.

And for the price, I would have expected an applicator of some sort. This was not to be with this program. It is very hard to apply a label to a round disc without messing up somehow or having the label buckle or tear or rip - another reason to print off two or three copies.


If you already have an applicator and are design inclined, this is not a bad choice for label design.