Luxor Review

Solid and addictive gameplay

Submitted by Leventhan on Sun, 2009-06-14 17:53.
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The lowest price: 17.95$
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Brilliant graphics, Good audio, Smooth & Polished gameplay.
Gets repetitive and redundant after a good while.

My mother plays and loves this game so much, which proves the smooth and polished gameplay and ease of use that Luxor has to offer.

With brilliant presentation in graphics and audio of an already solid gameplay, Luxor offers stage after stage of great action and puzzle delight. Its difficulty settings also offer some challenge for players who are up for a more frantic experience.

However, its pros cannot deny the fact that Luxor is based on an unoriginal concenpt and for the most part is still considered a casual game for casual gamers. Hardcore gamers be warned, Luxor is not for everyone.

On the other hand, the game offers more than most can imagine in a casual game. It might surprise you.


Well worth of your time and money, the game offers hours of great fun and entertainment; and is suitable for all ages. Be warned however not to get too addicted to Luxor!