President Forever Review

One-Hit Wonder

Submitted by geneathen on Wed, 2006-11-15 02:57.
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Multi-faceted Simulation of actual Presidential Campaign
Repetitive; Poor graphics/interface ; Low replay value; appeals to small demographic

Unless you are, as other posters have put it, a political junkie, this game offers little more than a momentary diversion from boredom. The idea behind the game is intriguing but poorly executed, as the interface was clunky and frustrating to handle (especially that annoying huge blue triangle used as your cursor).

Once I managed to get the game set up, things went fairly smoothly, except for the fact that the strategy plays heavily into party politics, offering little chance of deviation from the party line (unfortunately my attempts at this killed me in the polls). Gamers without a clue about politics or elections would probably be lost, as there is no tutorial or help guide.

My major gripe about this game is how quickly it gets boring. Maybe it's a thing I have against turn-based games, but the repetition started to bug me. Fortunately, the demo time expired at that point. Since I had my fill by that point, the demo gave me just enough information I needed to know that there are better games in this genre out there, like Power Politics.


Interesting idea; poor execution. Would benefit from a massive overhaul of interface, graphics and unpredictability.