Platypus Review

Ambitious Planning; Flawed Execution

Submitted by pembo0630 on Fri, 2009-06-19 22:09.
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-Creative Graphics -Addictive
-Generic gameplay -Same music, constantly looping -Sluggish controls

Platypus is truly one of a kind- an intriguing mix of claymation and game that collaborate to make something very unique. Platypus, whose environments, enemies, and special effects are made entirely of clay, is the result of some ambitious planning on part of Retro 64. In an age where space shooters are frequent and abundant, developers must become increasingly creative to appeal to buyers. While Platypus is gorgeous to look at, though, under the layers of clay it's just another shooter.

Unfortunately, the graphics are the only element of design that truly set the game apart as the gameplay is largely similar to every other space-shooter out there. Enemies of various types charge your ship; increasing in difficulty as you move through the stage. As you progress through the level, your ship will gain the generic assortment of power ups; ranging from missiles, to rapid fire, all stuff we've seen before. After each level is a boss, which is usually the same type of enemy you've been fighting...just larger. After you defeat the boss, you are evaluated and given a bonus based on the number of enemies you killed (it's possible to bypass the entire level without killing any enemies).

The rather generic gameplay isn't the only issue. The controls also feel sluggish and slowed. Your ship moves frustratingly slow across the map, while enemies move at practically light-speed. The game quickly becomes difficult for reasons it shouldn't. Enemies will often attack you from both sides, combine this with the slow ship movement, and your deaths will come frequently. Thank god you have 15 lives...


Platypus is a game that suffers from excellent planning but rather poor execution. The graphics are gorgeous, as are the effects, but when you break it all down it's just another shooter. I wish they had applied the same creativity to the gameplay as they did with the graphics.