Xeno Assault 2 Review

Good Game, But There's Better.

Submitted by ResistanceHawk on Sat, 2009-06-20 02:36.
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The lowest price: 17.95$
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It’s a fun, not hard to learn, selection of difficulties, different types of weapons, good music, the GUI is easy to figure out
gets boring fast, not many weapons, graphics pretty dull, looks cheap, but it is cheap.

The game is pretty good overall, there are better similar games out there that I have played, that are a little more fun with a lot more things, for a couple more dollars. But the game beats pinball which I think is the most fun game that comes on all windows xp and vista systems. It’s a pretty basic arcade game; you have probably played something similar to it. you use the arrow buttons to control your spaceship, or mouse if you have one, for a laptop though I think it is easier to use the arrow keys to control your ship then the right and left mouse pad button to shoot.

The game was responsive and worked well it did get harder which is always good, there are not many weapons I think there was like 4 special weapon that I got when playing the game. And you do receive upgrades for you main gun which I always like in these games but you lose it when you lose a life which is good too. The upgraded gun can really make you rack up the points. There is a good variety of space ships to shoot, with a bunch of different flight patterns to make it different.

Easy mode compared to Hard mode, on easy mode you can get farther threw the game but not as much points and on hard its harder to get through the game but you get way more points so there a tip to get a high score.


I liked the game but I wouldn't recommend buying it because you could probably find it on some arcade game website. Good game though. Didn't give me disappointment or excitement. But it did get boring after a few games.