DOC Regenerator Review

it got me what i wanted

Submitted by topijao on Mon, 2009-06-22 14:23.
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The lowest price: 44.96$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
works with both fat3 and ntfs. i tried it with older versions of ms word document as far back as 97 and pronto it worked. the 30 day money back guarantee is good, though i was initially too impressed to consider it
it recovers passwords, this is bad for security. can't it detect password settings and prevent their recovery? you wonder why it doesnt work with office 2007 and vista? works only with window xp

i didn't even read the reviews before i got this software. know why? in my desperation to correct a software malfunction i lost a folder that includes my school project. actually the software that caused the problem is a trial version of an anti virus. as a medical student, you know too much work makes one forget expiry dates. but whoa! DOC saved me, the same way it may one day save you if you are very busy and have too much to think about. i had to submit the project the next day and although i had a similar software on my system, it kept showing this FAT3 error that got me on edge. so when i saw my gateway to salvation is $45 i didn't blink.
the software is good if you can afford to forget how much it costs. right now i think the price is really too much and if i had to buy it again, id have to let the publisher know the price sucks before i buy it. mind you, i would still but it. this thing is a good buy for rainy days, when you can get wet like i did with the loss of my project. if you have kids and they have access to your system, pls get this coz they may cause a damage DOC will help you amend
it goes down to retrieve your lost file from the entire disk and not just from a single file. it works with both fat and ntfs. though it recovers some documents in strange, unreadable formats, i wouldn't worry coz i have a solution to that on my system
if your system is personal to you, you dont need to worry but if not be careful coz this thing recovers passwords!
if you can forget the price, its a good buy


all the cons may come from afterthoughts anyway, when you are desperate like i was, you can find a savior in DOC. but it really is not worth the price. and one more thing, my friend didn't need my help to install and use this, though he accepts he is a computer rookie