Luxor Review

Rock My Egypt

Submitted by GameOver on Thu, 2006-01-05 12:04.
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Hard to resist any game that on your very first play nets you more than 1 million points. I also rather like the music, which is quite unusual for me in this sort of game.
The demo version lets you play only for one hour

Need a bit of adrenaline rush? Want a game that requires a bit of strategy and has a lot of fast action? Care to try to save ancient Egypt from destruction? Perhaps it's time to try Luxor.

Luxor is a thoroughly addicting action puzzle game. The basic idea is simple. There are groups of spheres being pushed along a path by a small beetle. You control a scarab at the bottom of the screen and launch coloured spheres toward the group. When three or more match, the group explodes.

The game is divided into stages. Each stage contains a number of levels. You must complete all levels in the stage to advance to the next. Whenever you restart the game, any stage you have completed is available as a starting point. The game default is to begin from highest stage you have achieved.

The game uses music and sounds well to add to the game play. The background music changes to a heartbeat tempo if spheres have almost reached the exit pyramid. Sounds alert you to when a level is almost complete, when you have caught a gold coin, and when you have caught a power talisman.


There are other similar games available. Zuma is one of the better known of this type. Unlike Luxor, the Zuma launcher is stationary and you spin around to shoot at the incoming objects. Some gamers prefer Zuma, other prefer Luxor. I have tried Zuma but bought Luxor because I could control the launcher better