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A good data protection software!

Submitted by mtwzh on Thu, 2009-06-25 18:50.
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Strong encryption to protect data better

There are mobile devices more and more people, but people on these devices has not paid enough attention to data security. U-disk if you lost. In fact, throwing things smaller vector set U, but the data stored on it is very important, there are some privacy elements (customer data, personal accounts, passwords, pictures of his girlfriend ... ...). U disk encryption information do harm. In fact, we can use some encryption software to protect data. Cryptainer this is a good choice.

Introduction and basic concepts of software

Cryptainer is a simple easy-to-use encryption software, it can be for us to create a virtual drive, and provides password-protected files can also be hidden, automatic encryption of the document. Its powerful encryption algorithm, only the data of the main talents you have access to data.

There are several versions of Cryptainer, including full-featured free Cryptainer LE use 128-bit strong Blowfish encryption algorithm, and the registered version of Cryptainer ME, Cryptainer PE, Cryptainer 7.1 to provide 448 of the Blowfish encryption and 256-bit AES encryption.

Cryptainer will only create a user password to access the volume (it needs to load into the appropriate drive Cryptainer, this volume is actually a special file.). The volume stored in an encrypted form of the user's data files. Once loaded with this volume, Cryptainer will drive the same drive as the other work, which you can access to the document, just as we have the same access to their own hard drive. Users simply drag and drop a file to this volume, the software will automatically encrypt this file is as simple as that. Cryptainer drive and this can only be from people who have the password to open it, others can view, access, browse or modify! With it, you can rest assured that the use of your mobile storage device, not have to worry about your data loss . a very good software!


Overall, this software is very good, very easy to install it! Does not affect the speed of your computer. It is recommended!