ViewletCam Review

Multimedia production tools

Submitted by mtwzh on Thu, 2009-06-25 19:26.
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Recording function is very powerful.

ViewletCam by Qarbon launched a software company. It is very easy to use, content-rich multimedia authoring tools, use it, you can quickly record, edit, modify the screen from the computer recorded the complete dynamic images, create Viewlet content to attract your customers, partners.

ViewletCam full screen animation of the recording function is very powerful. Viewlet it increases the range of applications, so that more Viewlet rich portfolio of tools.

Although ViewletCam is designed for business and design experts, but it does not require the use of special training, and the cost of expensive. It is a fast, simple and cost-effective production of high-quality players, high-interactive tool for dynamic content, and you can use to do a good job of Viewlet to send e-mail, or use the CD player.


it is a very good software, can give you a better multimedia experience. Worth recommending!