MySlideShow Review

My Slid Show Review

Submitted by rednecken15 on Sun, 2009-06-28 00:16.
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Its easy to use for beginners and the importation of the files is neat easy and organized. Lot of good transition features and easy to adjust settings.
Its two simple for advanced multimedia artist.

The first thing that I notice is that the interface it is nothing fancy or flashy and its quite simple looking. I am afraid that because its so simple looking that it can fool the rookie users into thinking its a complicated program because most programs are more flashy and real obvious.

It did however appear as if the program is going to a bit tricky at first, however if user knows the basic's of how to use a computer the user should do just fine, this is great for beginners. You could almost compare it to Windows Movie Maker except that MySlideShow is for pictures and not both video and pictures. One major thing that I like a lot is how easy it is to import pictures into your project. I really like that you don't have to open up a separate window with in the program to browse for a picture or sound file. If your like me and you don't like to have a cluttered screen with a bunch of different browser windows you will like this feature as well. This is a good product for school projects, business presentation or even family gatherings. Its easy simple and can be quick once you get the hang of the controls and settings. The organization of your files is awesome and very neat. Adding sound is so much easy with this program opposed to Microsoft Power Point.

I am a very big fan of multimedia and the creation of new projects of all sorts, but I usually find myself trying to do something to a project that this type of simple software wont let me do. That is one draw back about this product, the features are to simple for advance multimedia persons that want to give there project a little extra spice.


If I had this program when I first started out with multimedia it would have been a great buy. So if you are a beginner I recommend this program. However from and advanced multimedia artist's view I would not buy this product to day because its to simple and you probably have other sophisticated software that is better.