DOC Regenerator Review

Ms Word recovery tool

Submitted by pakal on Tue, 2009-06-30 08:56.
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i) The installation was quick with ease ii) It occupied less space - 6.86 MB iii) 30-Day Moneyback Guarantee
The program assumes that you know the source drive of the deleted/lost document.

Here is my test drive of the 'DOC Regenerator'.

When you open the 'DOC Regenerator’ program after the installation, the interface gives you an option to select the source drive that had the Microsoft Word documents file(s). This is based on the assumption that you know the source drive of the deleted/lost document. Here is where I felt that the user interface needed to be a little friendlier.

At the time of testing this software, I wasn't sure whether I was looking for any specific
Word file that I deleted or lost. However, I wanted to see how well this program can retrieve/recover the 'doc' files that it claims, it can.

So, when I selected the source drive, in my case it was F:\ (where I kept the Microsoft Word documents file), it prompted with a destination drive where it can save the regenerated word files. I chose a different drive from the source drive, as recommended by the program, to avoid data losses.

Then I clicked on the 'Next' button and the 'scanning' started. The screen showed me how many percent the task was done, the current sector it read, the total sectors the disk had, the no. of fragments found, the time elapsed and the remaining time left. It also had a 'pause' button that allowed me to pause the activity so that I can continue later from where I left.

Now that the scanning was complete, it did retrieve two files and I was able to preview its contents. However, as an unregistered version it didn't allow me to save it.


So, my conclusion is that if your backup of Microsoft Word documents failed and you wanted to recover those files then 'DOC Regenerator' is your good choice.