President Forever Review

Let The Presidential Elections Begin!

Submitted by nanomess on Mon, 2006-11-20 22:46.
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It's Civilization/Risk but with politics, therefore can be addictive. Replay value. It's cheap. Minimal techinical specs required to run the game.
Steep initial learning curve. It feels like a game you'd play at work. Dated graphics. Lack of music. Would only appeal to people heavily interested in politics. No shortcut buttons. Can't play the game in fullscreen.

Every four years the world is lopsided by the Presidential elections. Debates begin, sides are formed, and arguments never end. It certainly can be exciting, but could it form an interesting game?

Like most turn based strategy games (i.e. Civilization and Risk), this game can certainly be addictive but, it's appeal is rather limited to those interested in politics. The dull interface, lack of flashy polish, and the rather steep learning curve (heck the developers didn't even bother giving the player the choice of doing a quick tutorial, instead they just assume you've play such a game before and they dump you into it) are certainly a turn off. But if you can get past the lack of flashly features and get down to the gameplay this ones a winner. You'll be hooked, however you really should enjoy the subject matter, which really comes down to carrying out campaign ads, recruiting people spinning stories.

There aren't many games that dare to delve in the realms of politics. And if you're a political junkie, then you're probably itching to find out if this game is worth your while. Yes, it'll keep you occupied and amused possibly until the next elections and it'll cost you next to nothing to purchase, so go for it. However, for the rest of us mortals this game is probably best avoided. It's slow, deals with a subject matter than we don't care for, and doesnt make it easy to like it.


If you SERIOUSLY enjoy politics, enjoy turn based games and like getting hooked into a game every now and then, then this game would be your slice of heaven at a very affordable price. If you can't stand politics then it's a no brainer, avoid this at all costs!