DVDFab Platinum Review

DVDFab is my top choice

Submitted by Engage-IT on Thu, 2009-07-02 23:26.
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DVDFav has a number of features that give it top marks
  • The ability to automatically create dvdid.xml file so that the movie can be viewed (with appropriate information from imdb) in Windows Media Center
  • Simple, easy to use interface
  • Efficient operation. On my dual core machine, I am easily able to continue working while the program is running
  • The ability to create movies optimized for various devices. I have personally created files for Zune and iPod as well as copying disks to my hard drive to be view in Windows Media Center
  • Cons:
    There are a few areas that the product can be improved
  • the user interface for "settings" is somewhat counter-intuitive in both the placement of the button and the acutal settings. They should follow more of the Common User Interface guidelines that many develpers use for Windows Apps.
  • When I originally purchased the software, it was a "Free Updates for Life". While they have honored that commitment to the original purchasers such as me, the new model is much more expensive with 1 year, 2 year and even lifetime subscriptions.
  • Review:

    I have used DVDFab for over two years and I have found it to be an excellent piece of software. It's efficient, it's quick and it does the job it is designed to do.

    I originally purchased DVDFab so I could watch my favorite movies on either my Zune or my iPod. The ease of creating a correctly sized movie is one of the highlights of this program. In just a few clicks, I have a movie file ready to be played on whichever device I want.

    While the program is extremely good, it's not perfect. My primary complaint with the product is the often cumbersome update process. I have experienced a number of issues when upgrading versions, and often am forced to go back to the companies site to relicense the software.


    All in all, it's a quality piece of software and one that every movie lover should have.