Cryptainer Review

Privacy Presents Perfection

Submitted by Bredirish123 on Sat, 2009-07-04 02:44.
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The lowest price: 40.5$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
Being able to create multiple partitions/drives (Containers) makes navigating to encrypted data easier, even on Windows 7 and Vista. Transferring files is easy to do. I personally use it with my FTP Program for my website. Everyone wants simplicity, so those of you who need ease of use Cryptainer definitely gets the job done with little hassle.
Pricey, but if you are buying this your data is most likely important and this is an investment you'll find to be worth while in the end. The interface (Main Windows and Scheme) is a little bland and could be updated to a more modern style, but if you're using this for privacy and securing documents you'll be more worried about that functionality much more than the cosmetic aspect of the program.

Privacy is an important need for people day in and day out. We shower with our bathroom doors locked and the curtain closed, we lock away our financial documents and identities in safes, all in the name of privacy. To me privacy is also important when it comes to using my computer. I share a Desktop PC with my family, and knowing that financial documents, videos, pictures, and other things are protected from prying eyes.

I use it not only to keep my family from removing or viewing files and folders I don't want them to, but also in the event we have a break in I can feel safe knowing that information is protected regardless.


Cryptainer is useful and does what it advertises, and that is what's important in software that you're depending on for security. Business users will find this useful for securing important data, as well as those who have families that need to secure other important documents, pictures, and data. I suggest this for anyone concerned with document security and other data encryption.