EZ-DJ Plus Review

Music fun..not for professionals

Submitted by roula886 on Sat, 2009-07-04 22:12.
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nice mixing set.. helps creating remixes and cool mobile ringtones
just for fun.. not for professional use

i´m kind of music addicted, but lately, everything got really boring .. downloading n listening to same old music rythm.. nothing new

I discovered a new way of music fun! with this EZ-DJ Plus i could add some funny and special effects to the songs i like most.. Cut parts off and add others it s easy to use.. mixes two songs together and add some special effects like DJ does..

in addition to that.. i found that my 11 years old sister was able to work with EZ-DJ Plus.. all what u gotta do is choose two songs.. try to mix them and add music effects from your creation.

That s not all... i could make use of it to cut off songs as mobile ringtones... and it is also helpfull with studies..
i used to record lectures after doctors.. adding some music and cool effects like drums after the doctors´ voice made studying real fun.

EZ-DJ Plus is extremely easy to use..

It got some disadvantages. First of, scratching with this programme is not quite good where there is only limited bottoms for that.. there is no wide range to choose from.. so it works only for fun.. not helpfull for professional work.

Another point you need to take in consideration, it is that u can t make use of .mp3 files.. it mainly works with .wmv and .wav


this software is quite good for kids and teen music lovers.. adds fun for you music but for fun use only not professional users.