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My slide show, simple and easy

Submitted by kohlan on Mon, 2009-07-06 10:18.
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-Simple -Clear interface
-Mediocre quality -Little options

MySlideShow, a rather simple program to use. It is not necessary to open the help menu and read through it. Most things are easy to figure out. When you first open the program most things are laid out so that it would not be confusing. The tools needed to make a slideshow will not require the user to search for them. I had an album of pictures that I wanted to make a slideshow with. It took me less than 30 minutes to complete it. Truthfully the outcome of the slideshows won't be too professional looking, but there is a price to pay for something this simple. The imported picture are in their own box. You simple put the pictures in the sequence you want it in, in another box. Probably most children will be able to use it. You can add things into the slideshow. The time of each picture can be adjusted. Music can be put into the slideshow.


This is a great product for recreational use. Like for making slideshows to show to friends and family. Not a good program for work use or any type of professional usage.