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PDFComp - Value for money

Submitted by nandangijare on Thu, 2009-07-09 09:51.
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The lowest price: 26.91$
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1. Easy to install and use 2. Provides flexible options
1. Problems in converting from some formats 2. Only suitable for basic users

I have tried multiple pdf conversion utilities in the past, and PDFComp seems to be on the same lines. Installation was very smooth and quick (it took me around 11 seonds to finish the installation). PDFComp gets installed as a printer on your system (like many other similar utilities available in the market). For converting documents into PDF format, you have to simply print the document using PDFComp as the printer.

For the beginners, it’s very easy to use tool. All you have to do is print the document and select PDFComp as the printer. It also gives lot of customizable options. One option that I liked was the ability to append a document to an existing .pdf file.

Next, I started exploring conversion of files from various formats into pdf. Conversion from .doc was smooth and happened without any glitches. Even the embedded pictures were converted perfectly. Converting .jgp and .bmp formats into pdf was also flawless. But when I tried converting a web page into .pdf, I had some issues. Page colors got changed and the formatting was also disturbed. Converting excel into pdf also had its own problems. I tried with a complex excel file with multiple worksheets. Formatting of the converted document was a disaster. I tried for a while and then gave up.

When I visited the support site, I saw a lot of other pdf conversion utilities available on the site. This utility is projected as a quick and easy utility to convert documents into pdf format. More refined utilities for specific formats are available separately. I also raised a support query, which has not been responded to till date. The FAQ available is also very basic and only caters to the commercials aspect of buying the product.

PDFComp does a good job for its price. It’s a utility for basic users. Advanced users should look for some more refined utilities.


PDFComp is a nice utility for basic users, which provides value for money. Advanced users should avoid this and look for other more refined utilities.