ViewletCam Review

Simple, small and easy to use

Submitted by repheon on Sun, 2009-07-12 21:41.
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The lowest price: 134.1$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
? Small size ? Very easy to use ? Good video encoding for avi ? Enough options for video editing at that price
? Lack of output settings ? 10 fps limit ? Glitchy capture area

The best thing about ViewletCam is it's size. Just few megabytes makes it a very small and easily portable program. The videos are also small sized, so it's a good solution for people who make video tutorials and don't have terabytes of free space in their hard drive. Interface is user friendly(not the prettiest you've seen, but you can see what's where).
But there are several downsides: it's limited to 10 fps(but it probably won't be a problem), converting to swf format it embeds into it's own flash player which has no audio controls or rewind buttons. ViewletCam also isn't as fast as it says it is. For example, Camtasia Studio works faster most of the time(of course, it's twice as expensive). There's a lack of exporting opinions: you only get to choose to export as .avi(pretty decent), .swf(also looking great, but with lack of control), .gif(bad looking) or .exe(same as .swf) formats.


The programmers did a pretty decent job making this, but you can't use ViewletCam's full potential only by itself. At some point in future, you'll definately need a video converter and flash video embedder in addition to this. Well, if you only need it for simple video presentations, it'll do the job.