President Forever Review

Great Idea, Poor Execution

Submitted by jamesloker on Mon, 2009-07-13 09:38.
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Great idea! Lots of realism (is that always a good thing?). Low memory requirements and quick download/install/load times.
Poor appearance (screens are far too cluttered and very poor choice of colours) Confusing initially and requires a knowledge of politics to really understand truly.

As a lover of politics, the idea alone of President Forever 2008 is enough to keep me playing until the questionable use of colours in the display and annoying sounds on every click of the mouse drive me to read a book and learn something (totally not the point of video games!)

While the concept of President Forever is a clever one, the game lacks the 'fun' factor that makes me want to keep playing after I've realised that I could win an election with one hand tied behind my back. In my opinion, this game lacks the playability factor that keeps people playing after the first hour or so and in the case of President Forever, this is a real shame.

President Forever is the kind of game that should recieve a make-over to make it more attractive, user friendly and in my opinion...more successful.


A quick to load game which offers an hour or so of entertainment, not sure if it's worth the $13 for that hour of entertainment but regardless, it's a good idea that simply needs to be re-presented.