NewsAloud Review

A piece of software that is absolutely useless

Submitted by Deepneau on Mon, 2009-07-13 15:54.
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The lowest price: 17.95$
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Does what it advertises, gets the news and reads it to you. Semi-easy to install. Easy to use.
Major overhaul of the voice is needed, sound like a clunky robot. The interface needs work, very unappealing/unprofessional. Just plain out right a waste of money and quite useless.

In these days, people usually get their news either from the TV or the computer. NewsAloud gives people a different alternative; the ability to listen to the news from any device, thus ridding the listener of the need to read anything. This supposedly frees you to do other things, such as commute and exercise.

While this may seem like a somewhat useful product, it is actually completely useless. First of all, it does do what it advertises. It gets the news that you want, and then reads it for you. But, what is the use in that? In a car, you could turn up the radio for some news. At home, turn the TV on. Maybe even hop onto a major news site for a quick lowdown on the latest news.

Don't even get me started on the voice that this program uses. It sounds like a robot. Makes it much harder on the ears. The interface could use a major overhaul, it's not very appealing to say the least. While it does retrieve news, it actually has very few news sources to choose from, making this software even less useful.

Also, it is quite hard to use this while exercising; one needs a somewhat clear state of mind to comprehend the news that is being read to them, otherwise the information just goes in one ear and exits the other. At home, why install this piece of software onto the computer and go through all the installation procedure when you could just go to a major news site and retrieve all the news that you want in just a few seconds. For free.

Basically, this is a very overpriced piece of software that should not be bought under any circumstance. Countless free ways of checking the news is out there on the web, this is a major waste of money and time.


A product that does what it advertises, though not very well, and is completely and utterly useless.