Registry First Aid Review

Totally Worth It

Submitted by masterkarnov on Mon, 2009-07-13 23:12.
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easy to install, easy to use, quick,
Price, Limits

In all honesty, the startup of the program was a little slow and it froze my computer for a few seconds. Once it started, it opened the help file by itself to ease me alone in the first time use.

Ease of use is this software's #1 selling point. With large clearly marked buttons, how can someone use this product wrong. And before making any changes it asks for you to save a backup file in case for some reason anything you changed in the registry might affect the performance of your computer in a negative way.

One of the drawbacks is that the unregistered version limits how many registry errors you can correct.

Even though I used the unregistered version, in under 10 seconds, it located a total of 1000 registry errors on my machine and the progress bar was under 30%. That was the limit of the search. I was limited to the number of errors I could fix because of using the unregistered version. Because of how much I use my computer and how I use it, there is no doubt that this program could find over 2000 more errors in my registry. Knowing what I am doing I am able to fix some of my registry, but not over 3000 errors. I am definitely going to purchase this software to make it quicker and easier on myself.


Definitely worth the purchase to the not-so-computer-savvy that wish to edit their registry and possible speed up their machine.