Registry Mechanic Review

A Dust Cleaner For Your Registry

Submitted by Gazebo on Sat, 2006-01-14 11:03.
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Registry Mechanic will make older computers work noticeably faster and you don’t know have know anything about your registry.
You don’t need it if your PC is new or if you know how to tweak your registry manually.

RegistryMechanic 5.0, to put it simply, is a dust cleaner for your registry. Your registry is a file that contains a lot of records that have to do with software on your PC. When the software gets deleted or uninstall, most of the time some sort of tracks are left in the registry.

Let’s say you download a one hour game demo. When that hour is up, you may attempt to uninstall the game and re-install it again, but you won’t get that free hour. The reason – the registry record is still there. Now imagine that there are thousands of old outdated records on your PC that drastically slow down your PC. This is what RegistryMechanic 5.0 is for.

RegistryMechanic 5.0 will automatically scan at startup if you choose, then you can select some or all the registry errors found during the scans for repair using checkboxes. This will make your PC faster. You’ll notice that, that’s for sure, unless your PC is brand spanking new.

RegistryMechanics 5.0 is simple for novices yet customizable for professionals like myself. Folks who know what’s up have the option to tweak option settings for more specific results.

One of the best of these is the database of known performance tweaks, which helps you boost the speed of your system no matter how old it is. You can also create Custom Scan criteria, plus access logged information, determine Registry values and keys that should be ignored – but I don’t suggest you touch those unless you know exactly what you mean.

You can also configure more personal preferences, such as creating System Restore Points before repair. The program navigation is beautifully designed and intuitive, and Registry Mechanics offers conveniences such as a resizable dialogue screen.


I’d say if you aren’t a computer buff and don’t want to stuff your head with registry related tasks and your PC is getting older and noticeably slower, get RegistryMechanic 5.0 or other software that does the same.