Watermark Factory Review

Watermark Factory

Submitted by Ming Chang on Fri, 2009-07-17 04:06.
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Very easy and fun to use; anyone can use this.
No full screen mode, this will be a bit of a problem for people with small screen computers

Adding watermark to pictures has never been this fast and easy! In a matter of seconds I copyrighted an entire day's shoot.

The graphical user interface is easy on the eyes. Button placement is not confusing and form labels are legible. My only gripe is the lack of full screen mode. You can view images in full screen but the program itself cannot be viewed in full screen. This can be a bit of a problem for those using small screen computers.

The thing I loved the most about this software is how easy and flexible it is to create watermarks. From the very basic font size, style, color and alignment, you can also add text effects to your watermark. Watermarks can be rotated and moved around the picture via Rotate, Position and Offset buttons. This works just fine but a drag-and-drop feature sure is a welcome addition.

After you are done with creating your watermark, it will be included in a list of watermarks. So the next time you want to copyright new photos, ready-made watermarks are available. Just choose one, and it will be applied on the pictures. A nice feature making it faster to add watermark that it already was.

Aside from creating watermarks, this program also doubles as a limited image editing tool. You can crop, add effects and resize images. You may want to edit your image first in softwares designed for such purpose but if all you want to do is crop the image, then the Watermark Factory is capable of doing that for you.

Another thing to love is the output settings. With this, you can set where all your creations will be saved and in what file format it will be saved.


Watermark Factory has everything there is to love in a watermark-creation software. If you are tired of using complex software just to add watermark, then this is for you.