DOC Regenerator Review

Complete regeneration

Submitted by dhahir23 on Fri, 2009-07-17 10:47.
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Fast and easy to use, recovers entire files
Ugly interface

If you work a lot with MS Word, every now and then you came across a very unpleasant situation...For example, you have just completed writing your new essay, article, book in Word. You want to open it the next day's gone or not working!

To put you out of that misery, there is a program called DOC Regenerator.
DOC Regenerator is able to recover your Microsoft Word documents in matter of minutes. It' will simply scan your computer disc looking for fragments of the missing/corrupt file. Once the fragments are found the program will regenerate and recover your missing files.

The User Interface is a bit ugly because the designer used all kinds of fonts and colors, but it is also very easy to use and is pretty intuitive.

The program comes with a standard Readme file that's not much help, but if your really have a problem with the program you can always contact the developers.


If you can stand the ugly interface, go and regenerate your missing/corrupt MS Word files with DOC Regenerator!