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Submitted by blueiceland on Sun, 2009-07-19 14:54.
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Decent graphic, Good tutorial (easy to understand), Colorful Images, Easy to play, It's simple yet providing enough fun for starters.
Not too Original (It's a bit similar with Tetris/bejewelled or some similar games), Trial game is too short, If players continues playing - it WILL get repetitive (There're no improvisation through each level), Background music is TOO 'loud' and only has one option of music.

For starters, it's an easy game to do. The concept is simple yet good enough to provide fun for those who like puzzle games. Still, at the first glance of the image (the screenshot), without reading the instructions/infos, the readers (example : me) would get impression that the game itself is something similar to tetris/bejewelled game, which isn't too far from the truth.

The tutorials is easy to understand and there are not many things you need to remember to play it. You simply need to click and click and so on. For amateurs, it'll provide some amusement and fun for a moment, but I doubt it'll last longer than a day simply because the concept of the game will get repetitive if you continue level by level. But, for people that get fun through challenges, this game isn't for them because the game itself is static as there are no significant improvisation as the game goes on through each level.

My suggestions :
1. Replace the screenshot of the game with better images which show the uniqueness of the game, which makes it different than tetris/bejeweled games. Example : images when the 4 dropheads chained in NOT straight lines, it's a start.
2. Simplicity is the best. For both of the game modes, don't write too long descriptions (Not many gamers liked it). Arcade and Strategy mode : simply mention the time difference in few words.
3. While smiley colorful heads are good enough, I think it'll be better to replace the images of dropheads with other popular characters' heads like hollywood artists/actors, presidents, or if you can't make it - simply some animals' heads, or more improvisized smiley heads (like smiley ones with hats/flowers/doing something. ANd of course, the more animated ones are better.
4. The background music is good, but I suggest some alternative musics required. You can make the gamers choose which one they like best : music A / B / C. For one, I don't like the used background music too much. I prefer some 'mellowed' version so I can concentrate better in the similar games.
5. Face it, the whole concept of the game is repetitive. The developers make some interesting and innovative ways to make it less repetitive which is good. But for one, I doubt this game will last longer for people who play games for challenge. I think this game would be the best to entertain some amateurs/ children who get amusement from playing simple games. The developers need a way to change that.

I'd give it 3 out of 5 stars overall.


For people who want to play for simply fun and amusement with simple idea AND effort to spend their time, this game is for them.