Ant War Review

Ant Peace

Submitted by HeathenHammer on Sun, 2009-07-19 22:14.
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Decent graphics, simple gameplay, many options and stats for your colony
Repetitive, boring, annoying sound effects, unrealistic, requires no skill

Antwar! Not really a war game... This is pretty much a pathetic strategy game. Although it technically fits into the strategy game genre, it takes no "strategy" at all. No skill is involved with this game!

The game actually has a nice setup and presentation. You quckly name your ant colony and pick the type of ant you prefer, but he ants are wearing clothes and smiling. Some of the ants have beards and glasses too. Some of the ants have clothes, while other ants don't. This game is too unrealistic. Another thing is that no matter what, the same people are on the screen, for example in the backyard. There is always a dog and a girl painting eggs in the backyard, regardlless of what the quotes say on the left.

Graphics are okay, except for the pathetic artwork for the background. Everything in front of the background has decent
(but 2-D) graphics. However, the background has a totally different artstyle, and it just looks awful. Also, the game is 2-D, which is another downfall.

The sound of the game is extremely annoying. The sound effects are full of annoying beeps. If you like annoying beeps, than this won't be a problem... Also, there are super annoying car honks. But that's not all! There is not that much music in the game, and when there is, it just hurts your ears.

The gameplay is solid and it's very easy. Actually, the gameplay is too easy. It is super repetitive, pretty much all you do is click. It can get seriously boring.


Overall, Ant War just is not a fun game. It gets boring very quickly and there is no reason to play this game over again. It is too repetitive and just is not that much fun. The game is way too slow, and gamers who like fast-paced games would hate this.