MP3 Doctor Pro Review

Useful, but not necessary

Submitted by knelson525 on Mon, 2009-07-20 06:59.
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Useful features, simple user interface, fast response time
Frequent crashes

After playing around with this program a little I can see how this could be useful to anybody with a music collection. It makes it remarkably simple to edit your existing mp3's.

After locating the music files you would like to edit, MP3 Doctor places your selection in a queue. From here you are able make many tweaks to your music files. You are able to change the tempo and pitch, as well as modify each song's equalizer much like you can do in iTunes. You are also able to re-sample each song to a higher or lower bit-rate based on your listening needs. This program makes it surprisingly simple to change the quality of your songs. You are also able to encode or decode your music into different music files. I found that each tweak was really simple to implement and there is no waiting time after each command.

This program proved useful to any audiophile or music lover who feels the need to customize his/her music. But overall, there are only a handful of changes that can be made to each song, and I ran into some performance problems when trying to encode my tracks. It seemed to crash frequently. I would say this program can be extremely useful, but it may not be necessary due to the bugs you have to deal with.


I would deem this program useful if you are looking to edit single songs in depth. If you are willing to deal with the bugs, MP3 Doctor could be right for you.