Advanced WMA Workshop Review

Ultra Fast Audio Encoding

Submitted by Mack Taff on Mon, 2006-11-27 22:52.
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The lowest price: 21.21$
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Great easy-to navigate layout. Support for most all audio formats. Built-in tagging support. Lightning fast.
No AAC or MPEG4 support

Advanced WMA Workshop is a great way to convert existing audio files to formats compatible with your portable devices. Or even to just convert your music collection to the same format for organization. A

dvanced WMA workshop is great if you have a large collection of music. Perhaps you ripped a few discs using Windows Media Player only to find your mp3 player doesn’t support WMA. WMA Workshop has batch conversion features for just that purpose.

It will do away with the time-consuming task of re-ripping those albums and convert them to mp3 in only a few minutes. It also features advanced tagging support, so that you will not lose your existing Artist/Track information when converting files from one format to the other. The only formats that I had trouble with were AAC files.

Most of these types of files are DRM protected and cannot be converted anyway, so this is not a major problem (AWMAW will let you know if files are DRM’d). In my tests this program was able to convert an entire mp3 album to wma in less than a minute.


Its speed alone makes it worth the price tag.