DOC Regenerator Review

This product does not meet common users needs

Submitted by yogendra on Thu, 2009-07-23 12:23.
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The lowest price: 44.96$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
Its very light weight application and the quality,performance of the product is something what every user likes about this product.
This kind of products are only meant for highly technical people and not usefull for common users like students and non workers in terms of cost.

The one reason i felt this product does not meet common users needs is that, it is only designed to support for Word documents and text files.
There are so many free softwares like an example Recover My files and Restoration softwares, which can do the same tasks that is done by the
Doc Regenrator.
Also, If you want to go for any paid softwares, in case you want more robust features implemented then there is a highly adorable product like
Office Recovery which can support recovery of doc files,text files,zip files,excel files,PowerPoint presentations and even registry files.
All that the current user base needs is either support of extensively high end technologies and features or the product with few bucks.
So I am really sorry to say that there is no need of buying this product.


The quality of this product is very good in terms of usage and performance.but in terms of features implemented, it is very bad.